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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Kuu Kuu HaraJuku Free Printable Dollrooms

Crafting made easy πŸ˜€ with our free Printable doll rooms inspired by Kuu Kuu HaraJuku Dolls!  Just Print out the pages you want, cut and glue onto poster board, and decorate to create a room for your doll... EASY! We will add more rooms as our Kuu Kuu HaraJuku collection grows... right now we have a pink room for Baby and a lavender room for Music.

check out the video:

... the printables are under the tab at the top called
"how to print printables"
 just click on the tab and choose the album "Easy Dollroom Stuff" and you can click the link here too.
Our printables are free to use for personal use only πŸ˜€

happy crafting 😊