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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Doll Hooded Capes

we decided to give our 18 inch doll a little Hogwarts inspired make over...
using our How to Make a Hooded Doll Cape video... well all we really had to do was just add the cape with a gold button, she came with the shirt and tie... but we think it came out too cute!
happy crafting :oD

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Fun Find: Doll Size Bath Tub

I was walking through Target the other day... on a Monster High Doll Hunt... when I spotted these cute little plastic tubs in the dollar section...

...that's right they were just $1.00 !!!

 so I took them home to see which doll they could fit...

... Monster High works with a bent knee... Barbie Fashionista can squeeze in the same way... the Liv doll body works and so do Bratz without the feet (they can fit all the way up to the neck)...

For just a buck, it is a great find :o)
happy crafting

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Doll's Anatomy

What is better than a hospital show?... how about a hospital show starring DOLLS!

We have been having a blast building hospital stuff for our dolls and making a Grey's Anatomy spoof... starring our dolls! Sounds fun right!

well you can join in on the fun too and get a few tips on how to make this stuff from our youtube videos
     doll stethoscope ... with a webisobe of Doll's Anatomy
     doll hospital room. with a webisobe of Doll's Anatomy
     doll crutches
     doll wheelchair
     doll wheelchair 2

....and how did we make the doctor coat? Well, we just took our doll robe, made it out of fabric from a white tee shirt, and glued on a collar, pocket, and black ribbon (for a name tag).
    doll robe

... and the pen in his pocket is a colored toothpick with a small bit of wire wrapped around it.

happy crafting :oD

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Gum Ball Machine: Cereal Bowl for 18 inch Dolls

Make your dolls breakfast using bowls from a gum ball machine!

gum ball "toy" machine plastic container
colorful pony beads
plastic party fork
white school glue

We put some white school glue in the bottom of the clear part of the plastic gum ball machine container... added some pony beads, filled it up with more glue... broke a party fork almost in half and stuck it in the glue to look like a spoon for a doll and allowed it to dry for about 2 days until the top of the glue was solid and the wet glue was trapped underneath ( but i would not push on it too much just in case some tries to leak out)... but it looks great!

happy crafting :o)

Gum Ball Machine Treasures

Gum ball "toy" machines can offer dollhouse treasures for just a quarter or two. I have made it a habit to give them a glance whenever I walk buy... just in case there is a "diamond in the rough" hidden inside.

We have used the containers to make our own gum ball machines...


We found mini flashlights that work great for our dolls...

And they work too!

Happy crafting :oD