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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Toy Fair 2016 : New Toys

And We had a chance to go to ToyFair in New York City and took a few pics of some awesome new toys!

Like these Power Puff Girls figures! That is right Power Puff Girls are BACK!!!

And there will be Playsets available too!!!

And the cartoon will also return to Cartoon Network!

These are My Mini Mixie Q's...

Little cube'ish friends that are smaller than SHOPKINS!!!

And you can change their hair and outfits!!!

And it looks like there will be tons of options.

Speaking of Shopkins...

Next door at PlayFair there was this awesome Shopkins World!!!

A super cute display showing all our fave Shopkins!!!

This would be an awesome craft to make ;)

More pics to come...
Happy Collecting