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Monday, July 6, 2015

The Darbie Show: Off Script - Printable Script

On this webisode of the Darbie Show, Sophie loses the script and the girls have a fun and crazy unscripted day :oD

but we thought it would be fun to make a printable of the script , it is a great little unexpected detail in the dollhouse :oD

here is the printable... free to print and make for personal use only :)
From book printables
  • cut out the long strip of pages, so the pages side by side are still connected 
  • fold accordion style with the cover page face up
  • use a glue stick on the back side to make the pages have a front and back ...
           ...and you are done
Happy Crafting :oD

How to print printables:

*** To print the printables, just click on the pic... the pic will open in a new window and you can drag it to your desktop... or the image will open in picasa web albums and you can download it for free.
*** then print according to your printer settings... For background images like bricks and stuff, I like to set my printer to "fill page"
*** print on high quality for best results
*** all printables are for personal use only
*** all links tested on Aug 4, 2015