How to Make a Custom Plushie Baymax From Big Hero 6

If you have seen Disney's new movie Big Hero 6, then you know all about Baymax.... 
.... and how ABSOLUTELY HUGGABLE he is! we decided to make our own huggable version :oD
watch the vid to see how we did it...

I sketched out a pattern (totally by freehand so some imperfection by be... no make that... will be present) and set out to create my own Baymax... and I think he turned out pretty good... however, he is a little shorter than I intended  ( standing at 10 inches tall) but I think I will just enlarge the pattern and make him again ;o)

Here is my pattern, feel free to print it out so you can make one too.... for personal use only... sorry but I got to add that in ;o)

From patterns printables
pattern for 10 inch Baymax... set you printer to fill page to get it as big as possible

From patterns printables
pattern for Mini Baymax Plushie... adjust the size to make him any size you want... however, too much smaller than this might be difficult to sew...

Happy Crafting!

How to print printables:
*** To print the printables, just click on the pic... the pic with open in a new window and you can drag it to your desktop.
*** then print according to your printer settings... For background images like bricks and stuff, I like to set my printer to "fill page"
*** all printables are for personal use only
*** all links tested on Dec 12, 2013

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