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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Back to School: Doll Dorm Rooms

Our dolls are heading off to Frogwarts Academy. Where all students must live in the dorms... OH NO! that means Boarding School!!!!!!...  But never fear, our dolls will feel right at home with these Fabsome new dorm rooms :oD

here is the vid on how we made them :

here are some fun printables to help your dolls personalize their room :oD

this one is a good size for 18 inch dolls :oD
From classroom

... 10-12 inch dolls and if you reduce the size in your printer setting these will work for mini dolls too :oD

From classroom

From classroom

view the album to see other stuff you might like use for your rooms :oD just click the link "classroom"

How to print printables:
*** To print the printables, just click on the pic... the pic with open in a new window and you can drag it to your desktop.
*** then print according to your printer settings... For background images like bricks and stuff, I like to set my printer to "fill page"
*** all links tested on Aug 29, 2014