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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Printable Dollhouse Calendars

Ring in the New Year with New My Froggy Stuff 2014 Calendars for your Dolls!
... just click the pic for your doll size.... download... cut out and enjoy all year long :oD

for dolls like: Barbie, Monster High, Ever After High, Liv...

for dolls like: LPS, Mini AG, Mini Lalaloopsy, Calico Critters, Sullivan Families, Kawaii Crush...

for dolls like : American Girl, Springfield, Disney Animator's Collection, Heart4Heart...

and Hey! who says they are just for dolls... I think I am going to print out an extra 18 inch sized calendar for my desk XD
Happy Crafting :oD


  1. Replies
    1. this is great for my little sister's doll house

  2. So cute! It looks at great hanging over my dolls desk!

    1. So cool! I bet your dolls will love it :oD

  3. You are so awesome I love craft and design just wondering when are you doing the darbie show again

  4. who says they are just for dolls...HBO airs popular feature films, first-run films, boxing events and sports specials typically
    debuts new movies – with feature films debuting on HBO movies within a lag of between eight months to one year on average from their
    initial theatrical release.

  5. Love these calendars! pity there's school work in August :( who wants to do work in the holidays?

  6. Can we enlarge the prints to make a calendar for me to use? I want one for me too. Its so awesome.

  7. Hi Me and my Daughter love your craft Ideas. We are planning on having a go at them. I have had a go at a few clothes but my daughter would like some brimmed hats and belts for her dolls could you please do some craft on these items. We love the shows as well, Thank you keep up the fantastic craftings. love Shirley and Rhiannonx

  8. Happy new year My Froggy Stuff! Me and my niece absolutely LOVE your crafts and she could like it if you could try and find some way to make a doll rocking chair for 12 inch dolls she has no doubt that you won't be able to do it but if It is too impossible then could you make a 12 inch doll t-shirt? Thank you very much and again happy New year everyone!

  9. I love your doll, I think she´s so nice. Calendars are good ideas!

  10. for dolls like : American Girl, Springfield, Disney Animator's Collection, Heart4Heart. ...

  11. Ohh and lps tell me how you make back rounds for you 18nch dolls and make all your dolls hold stuff I just can't do it the way u do how in earth? Do you used clear rubber bands like the hair kind? Pls tell me how soon thx bye hope you have time love your stuff don't give up and I think it's awesome how u try to use all your family even the little froggy princesses ��❤️✌️

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