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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Free Dollhouse Printables : Windows and Doors

After our last family vacay to the cabins, we thought our dolls needed a cabin of their own... so we decided to built them one using recycled cardboard from around the house and the printables on our blog ( the nature printables) ...thank goodness for printables, because the snow was totally stopping us from heading to the craft store XD!
Here is the video to see how we made it....
And we also made some new printables for the windows and doors... They are free to download and print for personal use only :oD.... Just click the pic :oD
For a great view looking out...
... This is a beautiful reflection :oD
...what doll wouldn't love large windows?
...and of course they need door... even if they are faux :oD
...and since we love choices, we made two colors...
Well, we hope you have fun giving your dolls a fabsome new getaway :oD
Happy Crafting :oD

...and here are a few more printables we used...

the Townhouse
large doll dollhouse
our townhouse printables...