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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Our Doll Tree House... and all the little fun things that go with it

We love to go hiking ... and when I am out there, I simply love to imagine that around every twisted tree trunk there is prime "fairy" real estate... so when we decided to build a tree house for the dolls I was ...well, let's just say 

 we wanted a lot of livable doll space in our tree house... so we made it more like a tree stump...

the inside of the tree is hollowed out for the doll's living quarters...
and since my daughter LOVES my little pony : equestrian girls, we made it kind of like a live-in-library.

this is how we made it:

but the project doesn't end there...
today we decided to send a little more time on making some rustic furniture and little knick-knacks...

here is the video on how we made them:

now, don't they just look super cozy in their new home :o)

happy crafting :o)