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Friday, August 16, 2013

Back to School Doll Binder and Folders

Now your dolls are ready for School with these fabsome new binders... and we made some printables too, so they can get all smart and stuff  XD

watch the video to see how we made it

Here are the links for the printables, just click the picture below for your doll size, download, print and enjoy... for personal use only :o)

and if your dolls would like separate subject folders, we got you covered too :oD

this is a fun and easy to do paper craft project and here is the video on how we did it :o)

Happy Crafting :oD


  1. I love this! Now all my dolls can have binders and other school supplies! I love all your ideas. Do you think you could make an update on your large doll collection?

  2. Hola, es un trabajo muy creativo ideal para el regreso a clases, nosotros iniciamos el lunes, asi que esto es lo ideal. Hasta pronto, me encantan tus videos.

  3. SUPER CUTE!!!! do you think you could use something else instead of the zipties?

    1. Instead of zip ties I had use paperclips

    2. Cool can you show me how to make one please

  4. I LOVE CRAFTING! I have already made SO many crafts learnt from YOU! can you make a scooter?

  5. How many 18 inch American girl dolls do you have?

  6. Could you make a doll Pencil Holder? Or Pencil Box?

    1. Can you show me how to make a pencil box

  7. Could you do a tutorial on a stall with a sliding door for Barbie horses or Breyer horse models? That would be awesome!

  8. Can you make a craft ave pencil box? pleas ? thaks

  9. Replies
    1. that easy i made one myself and i am 12

    2. i will maybe show some videos to

  10. Can you make a doll printer? Please.....

  11. Can you tell me what program you use for the printables?

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  14. im going to try this right now it looks so easy to make and looks like fun too

  15. I'm gonna try to make a human sized one, but I don't think I have binders

  16. Hello i am from the UK and the stores round here are rubbish so i never get to make any of these because i never have the supplies - My Froggy Stuff rocks - your awesome . :)

    1. I agree, I just moved here and I can't find a glue gun!
      Any suggestions?

      I love MyFroggyStuff so much

    2. Did you move to the USA? If you did, than you can get one at a local craft store like Michaels. I found one at Meijer, and I'm sure they have them @ JoAnnes, and if not, you can order one online.

  17. hey lorna i liv in the uk to the only plae i can trust for art is range oh by the way im in leister where r u ?

  18. can you pleas make a house for lps

  19. can you please do like for example perfume for the dolls. that would be cool

  20. You make the brightest ideas and your so amazing! Can you inspire us with art walls, speakers, fake plants, groceries, etc...

  21. you should make doll wigs, weave, and hair pieces. i think you should also make things like hot buns, clips and all tings hair

  22. this is awesome i'm a big fan of your crafts!!!!!!!

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  24. know I found very cool, I'm using the translator to speak with you, I'm from Brazil and I love your videos, I became ua fan, but here in Brazil and barbies not monster higs, naverdade has mh's but I prefer barbies, then u could make a size for the barbie, forced kisses of his fan Hanna

  25. Amazing...... O_o you are GREAT!

  26. that is beautiful! the person who makes these thumbnails is very talented.

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  28. Man your crafts are good that's why you have a talent

  29. Fun, but hard. Can you make a printable for the folders?

  30. can you please please please please please make me a binder I tried and I failed badly I mean badly ill even send you supplies for it (including glue)if you could reply that would be great if not I used to being disappointed

  31. I LUV U MY FROGGY STUFF!!!!!!!!!!This is my favorite craft that you made so far!!!!

  32. My granddaughter loves your crafts for the AG doll. Please keep them coming!!

    I am trying to print the school papers and page 1 will print fine but page 2 is blank. Please Help!!

  33. thankssssssssssssss. nice ideasssssssssssssss

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  35. my froggy stuff i wondering if u could make a doll lounge with like seats and tables and a place where u can get food and drinks and a place where their dolls can dance

  36. Love this but I hate that I don't have a color printer. Ugh. I love you though Froggy!


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  38. I love this! Now all my dolls can have binders and other <school supplies! I love all your ideas.

  39. I love the tips you shared here. Thanks for posting this.


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