How to A Make Doll Board Game

What could be more fun than playing a board game with your ghouls?

We made these cute little board games so that all of our dolls can have a fun game night in the dollhouse house...

... and we made it a printable for whomever would like to join in on the fun :oD

the printing options that worked best for us was:

- print 1 per page for large dolls like 18 inch dolls
- print 2 per page for medium dolls like 10-12 inch dolls
- print 6 per page for small dolls like LPS, Lalaloopsy and Blythe mini
 this is our folder of printables... and they are free to use for personal use only

Watch the video on how we made it :o)

note: we glued the printout for the game boards to a cereal box.... card stock for the box of a large and medium doll... and computer paper for the box of the small dolls...

( on my printer when I told it to print 6 per page, it just printed one tiny one... when I told it to print 6 copies per page, I got 6 tiny ones... so you might want to understand how your printer works before you end up with like 50 board games and no printer ink XD... speaking from experience of course)

happy crafting :o)

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