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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Doll's Anatomy

What is better than a hospital show?... how about a hospital show starring DOLLS!

We have been having a blast building hospital stuff for our dolls and making a Grey's Anatomy spoof... starring our dolls! Sounds fun right!

well you can join in on the fun too and get a few tips on how to make this stuff from our youtube videos
     doll stethoscope ... with a webisobe of Doll's Anatomy
     doll hospital room. with a webisobe of Doll's Anatomy
     doll crutches
     doll wheelchair
     doll wheelchair 2

....and how did we make the doctor coat? Well, we just took our doll robe, made it out of fabric from a white tee shirt, and glued on a collar, pocket, and black ribbon (for a name tag).
    doll robe

... and the pen in his pocket is a colored toothpick with a small bit of wire wrapped around it.

happy crafting :oD