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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Recycled Dollhouse Projects

WE have so much fun decorating our doll house, but it can get kind of expensive if you are constantly redecorating like me :oDHere are a few tips to get the look that you want that you can free up a few bucks to go shopping in my Etsy Shop :oD

1) the lamp : watch this video

2) room in a box : watch this video

...the sofa : watch this video

3) the pig : I buy small animals at Michael's for $1.99

4) the art : print off pictures form your computer or cut out pictures in a magazine... then glue it to card stock paper and tape into your house with double sides tape... or you can buy it from us :o)

5) use beads for knobs and handles on furniture and doors

6) paint boxes for dressers and counters, I don't worry about making them open because it can make the room look sloppy if your doors don't close all the way.

... but we do have plans to add more home decor pieces... so these videos can hold you over until they are available ;oD