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Friday, July 29, 2011

How to Make a Doll TV

You know we love old cereal boxes! ... and today I get to use two!
...using two cereal boxes, I cut one into long small rectangles for the drawers (two rectangles for each drawer, then I hot glued them onto the other cereal box, when it was dry, I spray painted the whole thing to match my doll room. Then using some beads for the knobs and buttons on the TV and an image I printed off my computer (magazine cutouts work here, too)...
I glued everything into place ( hot glue for the beads and a glue stick for the picture... done!

recycle, reuse, and craft

Happy Crafting :oD


  1. Omg I love everything you make can you make a vacume

  2. haha recyle , reduce , craft!! haha i see wut you did there

  3. I am toally in love with your crafts! And, yes, the Darbie Show! Especially Sophie...

    1. I mean it in the nice way, that Sophie's really funny! I'm a girl!

  4. I think "How to make doll TV" is unique and nice idea. I visited your whole blog, Now i can say that you have great drawing and craft skills which show in your every Post. I have seen these type of dolls in my TV Box while i watch some shows. I must share your blogs with my friends and i hope they must like your efforts....

  5. you should make fake peanut butter������☺

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