We made a Dollstagram Yearbook for 2021!

 Welcome to the First Dollstagram YearBook!!! The funny thing is .... this project ended up being a lot bigger than I thought. πŸ˜… I was sitting in the craft room trying to think of an idea for a craft for YouTube Live when I read the comment "Can you re-upload the doll yearbook from 2015?" I hovered by fingers over the keyboard trying to think of a way to explain I no longer had the file, then I thought, "why don't I just make a new one real fast !!!" .... YES!!! and we can ask the doll community on Instagram  (aka Dollstagram) to submit photos !!! DOUBLE YES!!! So I quickly made the post and BAM!!! The project was under way... I hoped to get enough photos to do a one page printable... and kept checking the hashtag to see if anyone was interested... so far that was a "No"... then... one photo popped up..."That's great!," I thought. I had a little spark of hope that this project might actually happen... then there was another photo... and another one... and Another, and ANOTHER! I was shocked 😱, honored ( I love you all so much 😭), and overwhelmed  😳all at once. Before long we had over 500 photos... it got REAL, real fast. 

Now the question was, how do I choose?! "Random" seemed like the best option but there was no way I could put this book together before YouTube Live the next day, because this was going to take a few days... about a week actually πŸ˜… ....  and a one page printable was not going to be enough... I wanted to use as many photos as I could to show how amazing Dollstagram was... so I began gathering the photos, trying not to repeat images ( although, I probably did on a few 😬), cropping the long photos, re-centering the short ones, at one point I was trying to group "like kind"  photos but quickly abandoned that idea because it was taking way too long. 

When it was done, we had used over 500 photos, we didn't use them all but we tried. And now you can download and print the Dollstagram Yearbook for 2021 featuring an amazing, welcoming, talented  community that I am happy to be a part of.πŸ’—

 To Print Printables ( for personal use only) :

Just open the album Books and School Stuff ... Click on the pic you want ( the two pages of the Yearbook)... click download from the top right hand drop down menu ... then print according to your printer settings... ( check out our other printables under the  Printables tab)

Check out our YouTube Channel MyFroggyStuff for more miniature fun

Happy Crafting πŸ’•

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