Earth Friendly Doll Bicycle Made from Recycled Cardboard

Our dolls needed some new wheels for school that were also eco-friendly, so we decided to make them a bicycle out of the thin cardboard from cereal boxes :oD

therefore, we drew up a pattern and got to work tracing and cutting it out... two good movies later ...we were ready to stack, glue, sand, paint and assemble... And for this project, no hot glue was required! Tacky glue can work as a great substitute... It just takes a little longer to dry... sounds fun right! :oD

You can even watch the video to see how we did it:

And here is the link to a downloadable version of our cardboard pattern (for personal use only ;o)... just click the pic :oD
And if you choose to print it out, I would suggest gluing it to cardboard so that it is easier to trace... And... I would cut out a one layer test run to  measure for size before committing to multiple layers, so adjustments can be made to fit your doll... Make it bigger...smaller, longer, shorter... Raise or lower the seat... Move the petals to the front wheel... It is all up to you :oD

Now, go and create something Fabulous!
Happy Crafting :oD

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