How to Print Our Printables

We have noticed that there are many questions on how to print the printables... and it is our understanding that Google has made a few changes ... so now we have to make a few changes XD

In this post we will try to address all your printable concerns and keep it updated so you can print the night away!

so... How do you Print a Printable?

on this page ... open an album below⇩

 * click on the pic that you would like to print

 * it will open in a new window

* drag the image to your desktop

* select and open the image on your desk top

* go to your top toolbar and select your printing options

The Albums

💚 as of Sept 22, 2018 💚

Airport Stuff

Books and School Stuff

Trending Stuff

Shops and Stuff

Tech Stuff

Easy Dollroom Stuff

Backgrounds, Nature, Windows, Room Stuff

Food and Grocery Stuff

Fun and Games Stuff

Pets and Animal Stuff

Kitchen Stuff 

Patterns and Stuff

Pixel Stuff

Smart Doll and Stuff

more to come

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